Cliff L. Biffle

Beatnik is a very simple language to learn: it has a small set of commands, a very relaxed syntax, and you can find a reference to its vocabulary at any toy store.
A Beatnik program consists of any sequence of English words, separated by any sort of punctuation from spaces to hyphens to blank pages. Thus, "Hello, aunts! Swim around brains!" is a valid Beatnik program, despite not making much sense.
(If you're wondering, that reads a character from the user, adds seven to it [i.e. A -> H], and prints it out.)
The function of a particular word--say, brains, or aunts--is determined by the score one would receive for playing that word in Scrabble. Thus, "hello" gets us 8 points, and so on.
Before we explain how the scores are matched up to the functions, there are a couple things you must know.